Medipeople has consistently supplied doctors to work in the Covid Hotels and Community Testing Sites across Victoria.

We dug a little deeper to see what our doctor David’s day looks like: 


Where are you based?

I’m working at a hotel which is very central to Melbourne and ridiculously close to home for me.


How does your COVID shift start?

I walk in and greet the ADF staff at the door who take my temperature, ask me about my exposure to hotspots, and check my identity via my license. My name gets entered in an entry log with time of entry.

I then walk into our team’s designated covid testing area and say hi to my regular team of nurses.


What does the role involve?

The doctor’s role is largely checking ipad entries from the triage nurses, answering the occasional clinical question, and being flexible enough to help the nurses with any workflow problems.


How many on the team you work with?

In my team there are usually 4 nurses and one pathology collection person.


What is wearing full PPE like? 

I haven’t found wearing PPE all that onerous. On hot days your hands can get a bit sweaty but being in an air-conditioned hotel means this is rarely an issue.


Which COVID PPE items do you have available?

Face masks, N95, multiple glove sizes, gowns and visors.


Do you feel that your job is risky?

I don’t feel that this job is risky at all. We’re testing hotel staff who are asymptomatic. If any staff are symptomatic they are advised to stay at home. If they become symptomatic at work they are swabbed in a separate area and sent home until symptoms resolve and they return a negative covid test.


What do you enjoy about doing COVID shifts?

It’s genuinely fun working with largely the same group of people day to day in an environment that is completely stress free. The hotel staff get to know you very well as well. This makes for a very social day, every single day. It’s terrific fun.


How satisfied are you with your COVID work?

I love this work because it’s very social as I’ve said, but you can also get studying and reading done during down time.


Have you dealt with any positive patients so far? 

I’ve been working in this job for several months and I have not encountered one single positive patient.


Advice for other doctors thinking of doing this?

This job is very easy, very social and pays really well. You’ll seriously love it!


Thanks for the insight David! If you are a doctor based in Victoria with General Registration who may be interested in this type of COVID work, please contact Justine Tasker at Medipeople today.