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Medipeople is the key agency for internationally trained intensive care medicine doctors looking for ICU jobs or positions in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Medipeople offers the widest choice of ICU jobs and facilitates a trustworthy migration service for consultant Intensivists and doctors currently training in intensive care medicine. If you already have general/specialist registration with AHPRA, we can also arrange high-paying locum jobs across Australia for you.

What Medipeople can do to help you find an ICU Job in Australia, New Zealand or Asia-Pacific

Medipeople provides a free personalized recruitment consulting service to identify the best intensive care medicine jobs that match your professional and personal requirements. We have access to the widest range of current and upcoming ICU jobs at all levels from SHO to Specialist. Manly of these positions are never advertised.
If you are planning to come from overseas, Medipeople will also assist you with identifying eligible positions for internationally qualified medical doctors.

Intensive Care Unit Job Information

The international medical graduate specialist (IMGS) assessment process is conducted by the College of Intensive Care Medicine (CICM) to determine the comparability of the international medical graduate specialist to a Fellow of CICM.

The initial paper assessment is completed by the Australian Medical Council (AMC) and forwarded to the college. If the applicant is considered to be potentially comparable the application will be supported towards the CICM assessment.

Applicants who qualify as Substantially Comparable or Partially Comparable must complete a period of Clinical Practice Assessment for 12-24 months and a final Work Based Assessment before recommendation to apply to the CICM for fellowship.

What is Area of Need?

Area of Need (AON) is a term that applies to a medical position and not a geographical area. The position can be located within a public health service (eg a public hospital) or a private service deliverer where local, state and/or national advertising has failed to attract a locally registered medical practitioner. Additionally it must be demonstrated that the delivery of health services is adversely affected by the vacancy.

The AON process developed by the College of Intensive Care Medicine involves working with employers, health authorities and Medical Boards to establish whether a particular post should be designated as AON, providing advice on the appropriateness of the post to provide intensive care services, assessing the suitability of applicants to the post, and facilitating the provision of intensive care services to the population served by the Area of Need post.

The AON process supports the principles presented in the AMC document ‘Assessment Process for Area of Need Specialists User’s Guide’,

The AON process complements the College of Intensive Care Medicine’s overseas-trained specialist (OTS) assessment process for specialist recognition, if the AON appointee is an overseas specialist. Service in an AON post should not be seen as an alternative pathway to specialist recognition.

Medipeople provides complete support through the assessment process as well as securing an eligible intensive care medicine job / appointment as recommended by the college. No matter whether you’re an overseas doctor wanting to come to Australia or a local, contact us today for some personalised career insight.

We also assist with:

  • Battling your way through the immigration jungle (Registered Migration Agents)
  • Getting your qualifications and skills recognized
  • Contract negotiation
  • Professional registration
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Relocation (Schooling, Travel, Shipping, Banking etc)

We will be there for you at every step of your way. Please contact Medipeople today for ICU jobs in Australia, New Zealand.

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